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Since 1995, Classroom School Uniforms has been working with public, private and charter schools on their uniform programs. According to the various research conducted by Classroom, school uniform programs are climbing in the U.S. In our 2006 Classroom NSBA School Uniform Survey, over 34% of NSBA members stated that they have a uniform or dress code policy while 36% noted they are in active discussions regarding implementing uniforms or stricter dress code policies. In addition, the Classroom 2006 Charter School Uniform Survey cites 75% of respondents indicating they have school uniforms or a dress code policy in at least one school if not the entire district. Over the past three years, Classroom has continued to see a growth in schools moving to uniforms.

Reduction of peer pressure and disciplinary issues, and enhancement of school image and the positive effect in the classroom are cited as the main benefits of implementing a school uniform program. 30% of respondents stated that uniforms have helped improve attendance. Of those who saw improvement, 13% stated the improvement was between 1 - 10%, 10% stated an improvement between 10 - 15% and 8 % of those surveyed stated attendance improved between 25 - 50%.

91% of those surveyed cited that uniforms have created a positive effect in their classroom with 97% stating that school uniforms help improve their school's self image. More than half of those surveyed have seen a decline in discipline referrals in their school. 13% stated a change between 1 - 10%, 15% reported a change between 10 - 25% and 13% reported a decline between 25 - 50%. 69% of those surveyed stated a decline in gang activity or affiliation in their schools while 33% felt this question was not applicable to their school district.

Through working with educators, school administrators, retailers and parents on their school uniform programs, we understand the process involved and information needed to have a meaningful and productive discussion.

Classroom is the only manufacturer to provide both quantitative and qualitative data on school uniforms and believes information is vital for school's to make informed decisions. Our understanding of the issue from all perspectives has allowed us to stay at the forefront of school uniform advancements, and as such we are able to provide the most recent surveys and statistics so that school administrators and parents are best informed when they meet with retailers.

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