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The Benefits of Uniforms

When implementing a school uniform program, educators, parents and students have experienced the following benefits:















  • Increased School Safety:
  • School Uniforms identify who belongs on campus and who doesn't, as well as preventing gang "colors" from corrupting schools.
  • Less Peer Pressure:
  • School Uniforms help students focus on schoolwork rather than keeping up their peer's fashions.
  • School Spirit:
  • School Uniforms create a sense of school pride and belonging.
  • Enhanced Academic Performance:
  • School Uniforms instill a sense of discipline that can improve a student's study habits and test scores.
  • Cost Effective:
  • Uniforms make clothing more affordable. A year's worth of Classroom costs between $100-150.
  • Harmony at Home:
  • School Uniforms diminish tension at home, since students know what they need to wear.
  • Promote Creativity & Individuality:
  • School Uniforms help students channel their creativity and individuality through expression other than clothing.

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