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What to look for

When looking for school uniforms, parents should look for the following:


Parents want school uniforms to have soil release and to be wrinkle-resistant so that they can be worn frequently with little maintenance.


School uniforms are the mainstay of a student's daily wardrobe and parents expect them to stand up to the active lives of their children. Garments need to be colorfast to handle constant washings and pill-resistant to handle a student's daily grind. Features like elastic waistlines, fuller cuts and 2" hems manage typical growth spurts.


One of the greatest benefits of school uniforms is the money parents will save when shopping for school clothing. A year's worth of Classroom School Uniforms costs under $150. Cost of school uniforms.


Parents generally prefer one-stop shopping, so it is important to work with retailers in your area and on the Internet, that carry a broad range of core items in stock at all times. With mid year growth spurts and new student arrivals, it's important to have uniform resources you can trust.
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Customer service is as important as the uniforms. Promises made by retailers and manufacturers need to be kept. By working with companies that have year round inventory and the ability quickly throughout the country, your school's uniform program will be a success. Contact Us.

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